Salt Block Kitchen's Mission

Getting more connected to our food by learning more about where it comes from and how to love cooking and eating it. I hope to inspire you to support food sustainability causes, and those who work for them, by contributing to the food ecosystem. I'll help you by hosting Cooking for Causes workshops in my home kitchen.

About me...

I’m an individual, an adventurer, a daughter, a sister, a mom (to dogs), and a friend. But I’m also a business professional, a hunter, and an athlete. On the other hand, I'm not a professional chef, a writer, nutritionist, or a photographer. Which is going to make this very interesting...

I am always looking for the opportunity to laugh, or to make those around me laugh. This is an invitation to everyone joining me on this journey to help me laugh at myself, too.

Meet the Support Group

None of this can be done alone. There is a whole network of people who are throwing their support behind this idea and I can't wait to thank them here. You know... after they approve their photos.

So come on...

You can check out the blog to see what I'm up to now, but make sure you head over to the Cooking for Causes Tab, this is where you can sign up for the action!