Not your elementary school paste

I discovered what I’m loosely going to call “pastes” a few years ago and wanted to make sure you knew they were on the market as well.

I’d used vanilla paste and almond paste in baking, both with great results compared to synthetic extracts found next to the birthday candles at the grocery store. But a whole new breed of savory pastes is becoming popular, from a variety of brands.

Pastes I’m loving right now from Amore Brand:

Garlic Paste, Anchovy Paste, Chili Pepper Paste, Sun Dried Tomato Paste, Herb Paste, and even Ginger paste.

I use them for my tomato sauce, pasta sauces, soups (Carrot Soup), and even in dressings and marinades. I think they are a terrific stand in for fresh products without all the prep. They have great life if properly stored, and add instant depth where dried spices (and probably outdated) just fall flat.

So next time you’ve at the stovetop, go ahead, squeeze some in.

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