Scary…but not dangerous

I’d envisioned some grand plan on how to launch Salt Block Kitchen to optimize Likes, get the most people on the website, drive traffic to Cooking for Causes registrations, and so on. But as each day passed, I’d created a longer list of the content, recipes, and photos that I needed to put on the website or social media account before it was “ready.” Maybe this his how first time parents feel, that they are never quite ready, but eventually have to pull the trigger. (For more on Pulling the Trigger… check out In the Field).

But I recently came across an interview that Boston Beer Company’s Founder Jim Koch gave. (Access the interview here). He talks about the difference between what’s scary, and what’s dangerous. I’d originally contextualized it for a professional application, but I realized today, it suits me across my hobbies and interests as well. It’s possible I am stretching his intention, but here’s my interpretation. Some things are really dangerous, and should maybe be avoided. But other things are just scary; and should perhaps be tackled.

And so while I decided the SBK launch should be more organic than grandiose, it’s still kinda scary. But I can say I did it. And I’m doing it. And that’s pretty damn cool.

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