Cooking Good Food in Good Company.

What could be better?

Let’s up the game by supporting a worthy cause while we do it. Each month we’ll be focusing on different cause that supports the food ecosystem. The mission is to connect you to your food sources and inspire you to support their sustainability along the way.


I'll do the Shopping

Each  month will be dedicated to a new core ingredient. I'll plan a menu, do the shopping, and prep the kitchen for your arrival.

We'll Cook and Eat

You might be grinding fresh venison, or steaming a fish. Or choose to sit back and watch. But we'll all eat and probably slurp some cocktails.

You'll Donate

My goal is to teach you about the food and how to support its sustainability across the day so you are inspired to make your donation during the workshop.

Cooking for Causes Workshops

Fees: $50 to cover costs

Inspired Donation: $50+ to the Cause of the Month

This is my home kitchen with a single stove; there are no individual workstations. Imagine 6-8 friends in the kitchen cooking together…probably with wine. There will be less focus on how to chop an onion, and more focus on how to conceptualize and execute food you love.


Find a Date that Works for You!